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I have to say hello! I'm glad to find you here.

And now

you certainly want to know how - and especially where- it goes on. Well, that's it:
the navigation bar leads you through all the pages. From here at any time you may switch to the German version - and back to English. With Home you return to the start page. The IdeaList pages contain everything interesting about the software called IdeaList; including a button to download the complete package. If you just want to see, how IdeaList looks, Screenshot shows it to you. Other software introduces other software written by me; also with the option of download. Some of my favourite pages of the WorldWideWait are listed in Interesting links. History shows, which parts of my homepage I have changed recently. In Contact you won't find any provat secrets about me; but you can read my email addresses and you are able to send me a short note at once.

By the way

These pages are free of any frames, animations, backgrounds, commercials, blink text, movies, music, Java, browser specials, Java script, cookies and other awful things. ;-)


I won't bore you. Have fun!

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