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Blinex is a tiny tool for ASCII files.

What does it do?

  • Blinex removes surplus blank lines.
  • Blinex changes 'exotic' line-end markers to the usual format (CR LF) or to other 'Newline' markers.
  • Blinex converts between four common ASCII character set font tables.
Download of Blinex v1.62 (30 kBytes, English version)


IdeaForm makes source code listings easier to read by emphasising comments and keywords with text attributes (bold, light, italic, underlined). These are produced by escape codes inserted into output files written by IdeaForm. The files produced may be printed out from IdeaList, which translates the escape codes into the control codes used by various printers.

Download of IdeaForm v1.39 (29 kBytes, English version)


IdeaBook is an additional tool for IdeaList, which can be launched as a kind of module, but also runs as a 'stand alone' program.

IdeaBook imports text files (ASCII or Wordplus) and can re-order their pages in such a way that after printing by IdeaList the pages can later be folded in half and stapled or bound together in a book or booklet.

Download of IdeaBook v1.13 (33 kBytes, English version)


GDOS-Check is a little utility for testing the current GDOS installation.
GDOS-Check can do two things:
  • Create a test page showing the maximum area the GDOS device can print.
  • Write a list of all fonts in all sizes that are installed for the GDOS device used.
Download of GDOS-Check v2.06 (33 kBytes, English version)


sWAV plays sound samples in Wave format (.WAV).


  • The length of a sample only is not limited.
  • sWAV needs the DMA sound hardware (8 bits stereo), so running only with 1040 STE, Mega STE, TT and Falcon.
  • sWAV can play 8 bit and 16 bit samples, mono and stereo.
  • sWAV supports the MCRW Cookie.
  • The number of files (and/or wild cards) at startup is not limited.
Download of sWAV v0.02 (15 kBytes)


At the end of a program, HOLD_IT freezes the system while one of the 'Special' keys [Shift], [Control] or [Alternate] is held down. This allows time to read messages from AUTO folder, TOS or TTP programs that normally disappear immediately from the screen when a program ends.

Download of HOLD_IT (961 Bytes)

All the programs listed here are Public Domain
© by Christoph Bartholme

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